Questions we always face regarding DTF PET Film Printer

Questions on DTF Technology

Thanks to one of our customers for documenting and asking these questions. We got a chance to update our blog with the same.Hear are in general questions asked by almost every customer regarding DTF. How ! When ! Why !

What is different between roll and sheet?

Difference between sheet and roll DTFBoth L805 and L1800 comes with two input mechanisms that is Sheet and Roll.  L805 can accept an input of 8″ width whereas L1800 accepts 12″. Further both are divided in two, roll & sheet. L805 with Roll Fed can accept 8″ by infinite length same as L1800 can accept 12″ x infinite length. Both can also print sheets but L805 is not a successful with sheet fed. Roll Feeding option requires modifications in the printer motherboard with additional buttons to wind and unwind the roll whereas DTF Sheet Printers don’t. 

Which one is better with respect to cost ? Sheet Fed or Roll Fed

Roll fed DTF Printer is always cost effective but it depends on what kind of work volume you have and how frequently you print.  Media ( PET Film ) cost is cheaper if you purchase it in Roll form. Its almost 20% cheaper than PET Sheets. If you do not have continuous supply of designs to print we recommend using Sheet Fed setup. L1800 Roll or Sheet, both has same speed when it comes to printing. You can just save time in uploading media in roll setup.

If I buy sheet type, in future can I modify the machine with roll option?

YES ! You can convert it any time but not recommended.
Why ? 
New printer and old printer ! Is the simplest answer and most of Indian readers can understand what i mean by that. Set your mind once and take a decision. Conversion can not be always successful. Every time we play with motherboard, we invite functionality issues. So better do it once.

To set a complete unit, what are the machine and accessories are required ?

Mandatory equipment. 
1) DTF Printer 
2) Heat Press
Quality Control :
1) Oven
2) Dryer
This is a very interesting question. 90% of the people just consider buying DTF just to add on cotton tee printing into their existing business. Let me tell you this is a very unique kind of printing process and do not compare it with sublimation. You just find it easy because DTF inks makers and profilers have made it easy to use. One can expect a very good success if they can work on quality control parameters like curing and fusing time, moisture control. 
The most important thing you should be capable of is DESIGNING, without which its just a waste of time. Machine manufacturers and ink suppliers can guide you how to use machine but not how to do designing !

Is single phase electricity is enough? Also, how many Kilo watt power required?

Printer works with single phase electricity with consumption of 1.8 units / 24 hours. Oven – Heatpress that we have is also a single phase power driven. Oven is 2kw same as heat press. Unless you go for pneumatic or hydraulic heat press which is automatic you can work with single phase electricity. Soon we will be coming up with single phase fully automatic electric heat press. You will get updates about the same on whatsapp or email if you are connected with us.

Is curing machine is required?

Yes or No ! Like i mentioned earlier, curing machine is not mandatory but if your production is good enough and if you want to utilize printer & working speed to its fullest with measurable quality control parameters, use curing and automatic heat press also if your budget allows.

Curing can be done on heat-press also. 

Approximately what is the Production cost per T. Shirt and what is the competitive margin of profit?

The article is written on 8th of September & here are the cost calculations.

Printing of A3 size – 50-70 Rs. Per Sheet ( Excluding Labor Cost ) in sheet fed L1800 Setup.
Whereas in Roll fed DTF Pet film printing cost for the same would be 40-60 Rs. for A3 Size.
Note : Opt for roll fed mechanism only if you have set number of jobs to be printed.

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  1. Is DTF print harmful for health ?
    I have seen some videos regarding this. Please comment in this matter.

    1. creativenavimumbai

      No. Not at all.
      DTF Inks are water based. Almost same combination of inks is used for DTG.
      Hotmelt adhesives are similar to screen printing adhesives. So no chance. Also these inks are approved everywhere in the world. So…..
      These inks are safe for sure.

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