Epson L1800 conversion to DTF ?

Here is a quick & 1000% working process. NO CATCH !

Before watching this video I want to clear few things. Do not believe on rumors that

1. Epson L1800 head used for DTF inks is different than original. 
2. There are modifications in feeding assembly !
3. CMYK Profiles of all inks are different !

Watch this video till the end and you will be able to convert your L1800 to 100% Working DTF printer.

Things you must know about DTF ( PET FILM TRANSFER Printing )

DTF Success is in its inks & hotmelt powder.

Converting DTF is an easiest thing on this planet but if you don’t use quality inks & hotmelt including PET film, there is no point in wasting your time and effort. Reason behind educating you all is to offer you a best quality DTF inks & other consumables with guaranteed quality fabric print. We are probably the 1st to offer DTF printer & Printing Services in India.

PET Film Transfer - EPSON L1800 Conversion Process.

Which DTF printer you should purchase ?

No matter how much amount you invest in DTF printing business. You should always consider your requirements 1st before going through Roll model 805 or 1800 sheet or any large format industrial 24″ DTF printer. Go through the video once !