Everything is ok, but suddenly the white fading and start missing, seem like clog, after head clean white back to normal but after few print it happen again. Search is bad damper and ord replace new damper, still happening?

Please Follow the checklist to solve this issue:

  • Complete inking system should be efficient. White ink particles tend to clog not only in the head or dampers but also in ink tank outlet.
  • Do not suck ink from damper again and again . Minor play in the opening can result print issues
  • Keep ink tank 10 to 20 mm slightly higher level than its original position
    4 . Keep ink tanks always full of inks.
  • Change dampers after consuming 2 to 3 ltrs of ink. Do not wait for signals.
  • Daily power ink flush is the most common mistake that almost everyone does. This results in weakening of thermal jacket inside the head.
  • Dtf is not a simple process as it seems. Just modifying your printer and pouring inks wont work. If you consider it as easy as sublimation then you are making a mistake. Most of them are using Epson desktop printers and expecting a production like roll to roll printers. Do not print continuously for hours. Dc motors used in desktop printers tend to slow down and you will start facing other issues too.