How does fluorescent DTF printing work ?

First of all lets understand what are fluorescent inks ? Inks which glow in UV or black light are called fluorescent inks. 
DTF Fluorescent printing process is similar to normal DTF printing. Just the difference is, here we use different inks and not regular DTF inks. 
Process of printing starts with Design. In fluorescent print designs have patch colors eg. Cyan, Orrange, Green etc. so, designing an artwork considering fluorescence is important. You can not just download and  print images. You will need vector design so that you can change colors and add patch colors.

Can i use my normal DTF printer to print Fluorescent inks ?

Yes you can but :
You have to change complete CISS system that includes pipe, ink duct, dampers and track.
We do not recommend using used printer for DTF.  Most of the people face issues with ink getting mixed, color output not proper, head clogging issue. Mixing two different types of inks is not at all recommended. Still if you are comfortable trying you can !

What is the life of Fluorescent prints ?

If its about wash life, its same as regular DTF prints. Fluorescent inks tend to fade away without even a single wash in around 100 – 150 days. 

What is the cost of Fluorescent DTF printer ?

No matter its a fluorescent or regular DTF printer. Setup cost is same. Ink and consumable cost may vary. Its just the ink which is different.

Who should start Fluorescent DTF printing business?

To be very frank fluorescent DTF printing is all about specialty and value addition to your current DTF or fabric printing business. If you already have a DTF printer then only you should opt for fluorescent DTF. This can not be a startup business because requirements are very low. But if you already have a set fabric printing business, fluorescent printing can add value in terms of profits.