DTF L18050



DTF L18050 Epson Printer – 12 Inch

Introducing the Epson L18050, a new printer released by EPSON in 2023. It’s been upgraded for DTF printing, which is a specialized method. It’s better than the previous L1800 model in terms of speed and quality, thanks to a single XP600 print head. This means it can print a design as big as A3+ size in just 6-8 minutes.

The printer has been tested rigorously for more than 3 months to make sure it works well over time without losing speed or quality. It’s designed to work with various DTF printing materials.

When you get this package, you’ll find:

  • The modified L18050 DTF Printer
  • A large 14*22 inch DTF Oven
  • Inks in CMYKW colors (100 grams each)
  • 1 Kilogram of Hotmelt adhesive
  • A Roll Feeder for convenience
  • Rip Software Dongle for controlling the printing
  • IVFO Module to use different printing materials
  • Custom Print Head & CISS System already set up for you.

This upgraded Epson L18050 combines new technology with reliability for better DTF printing

Why Epson L18050 DTF Printer ?

  • High Speed – It prints an A3+ Design in 6-8 min.
  • Heavy Capping Station – Ink cleaning unit ( Capping ) is built to pull more amount of ink in one stroke compared to 1800 / 805 printers.
  • XP600 Print Head is known for its efficiency.
  • The only option in desktop convertible DTF printers available in 2023 !

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