Printer Speed Accelerator IVFO Module

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Epson printers often experience reduced printing speed when used with RIP (Raster Image Processing) software. This slowdown occurs due to the printer detecting heat signals from the CR (Carriage) motor and subsequently prompting a decrease in printing speed. Epson printers are primarily designed to accept print commands from standard software applications like Photoshop and Corel Draw through printer drivers. IVFO is a unique technology developed to circumvent this limitation in Epson printers.

IVFO effectively bypasses the speed reduction feature in Epson printers, allowing them to maintain optimal speed even when using RIP software. Compatible printers for IVFO implementation include models such as L1800, L800, L805, R1390, 1400, 1410, R1430, L1300, 1500W, R1900, R2880, R2000, R1800, R2400, R330, T50, Me1100, P400, L8180/8550, L18050/L8050, and nearly any Epson printer.

Installing the IVFO module is a straightforward process; it involves cutting the CR Motor wire and attaching the IVFO component to both ends, effectively enabling the printer to operate at its full speed potential without being affected by heat signals.