Audley 12 Inch DTF Printer



Audley DTF Printer in India

Introducing the Audley 12 Inch DTF Printer, a specialized printing solution tailored for Direct-to-Film (DTF) applications. Designed to bring your creative visions to life, this printer offers unique capabilities that set it apart in the realm of printing technology.

Audley DTF printer in India


Why Audley DTF ?

  • History of more than 200 satisfied customers.
  • Heavy Duty – Audley is built with quality parts to facilitate extended part life.
  • EPC Support – Audley is an only brand to offer EPC ( Epson Precision Core ) Print Heads with their machines.
  • Easy Part Availability.
  • Some of the unique feature include – Anti Collision Sensor, Head Cap Auto Cleaning, Auto Ink Circulation ( Original Models Only )

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