Acrorip 11.2 Desktop Edition

3800 ex GST

DTF Rip With Custom Drivers and Setup.
Acrorip 11.2
Bug Free – Lifetime Support & Updates
Note : It’s not a Chinese dongle.
Added profile for L18050 / L8050 / ET 8550 / L8180
acrorip 11.2

ACRORIP V11.2 is the latest genuine RIP software for DTF printing, compatible with various Epson-based printers. It offers easy installation and a user-friendly interface, packed with features:

  • Multi-image handling
  • One pass white and color printing
  • Custom channel settings for personalized requirements
  • Improved color expressions for vivid prints
  • Proprietary RIP BOOST setting for up to 40% faster printing on demand
  • Paper cut function for specific Epson printer models
  • Roll printing support for select Epson models
  • Compatibility with popular Epson printers, including L800, L1800, Artisan 1430, SureColor P400, P600, and more (desktopDTF version)
  • Compatibility with wider-format Epson printers like Stylus Pro series, SureColor P800, P5000, P6000, and DTFPRO Thunderbird (wideDTF version).

ACRORIP V11.2 is user-friendly and suitable for Windows 7/8/10/11. It comes in two versions: desktopDTF and wideDTF, each with its compatible printer list and a separate dongle for security. The software guarantees efficient DTF printing and is also compatible with certain DTG and UV printers.